Living Legacy Will™

Pass down your wisdom and core values to future generations.

For Individuals

Fingerprint Legacies’ unique Living Legacy Will™ Record is an evolution of the centuries-old tradition of the Ethical Will. Where traditional Ethical Wills focus on imparting values to younger generations, your Living Legacy Will™ Record is more comprehensive, sharing advice, hopes, and the stories behind your life lessons.

Estate & Succession Planning

A Living Legacy Will™ Record augments the traditional estate planning process. Traditional legal wills are technical and focus on material and tangible assets. How will you share the meaning behind the assets you pass down? Is it important for you to make your loved ones aware of your philanthropic choices?  The legacy you leave behind can be much more than just your “things.”

If you could package up the most important lessons from a lifetime of hard-won experience, imagine what a difference you could make.

~ Mike State

Life Lessons & Core Values

The process of distilling down a lifetime of lessons and experience can seem dauntingly overwhelming. But, with expert guidance, the process is straightforward and enjoyable.

We can help.

Many Options to Share Your Insights

Depending on your budget and goals, we can pause after recording our interviews, or continue on to produce one of our signature heirloom books.

Our Client Reflects…


At first I liked the idea.  But, it wasn’t until about 1/2 way through the interviews that I really got excited. Romy seemed to have an innate sense of how and where to guide our discussion and more came out than I had planned.

Now, my sons have both read my book cover-to-cover. One read it twice! The greatest moment was when I received a phone call from my oldest telling me he had just used a life lesson from my book.

I would highly recommend this process to anyone with grown children.

-- Paul S. Casey, Toronto, Canada

Why are Living Legacy Will™ Records Becoming Popular?

Two trends are responsible for the increasing popularity of Living Legacy Will™ Records: our modern ability to capture and trace our ancestry, and a growing awareness among estate planning professionals that assets are more than just possessions.

Because we can now instantly trace our family back generations online, locate archival documents, and access many pictures and heirlooms, we have more knowledge about our roots than ever before. But, many people are still missing the most valuable part: the stories that connect all of the pieces together. Families are increasingly adamant that future generations will not experience the same sense of loss.

Realizing that the stories, wisdom and values are often a family’s most precious assets, more and more estate planning professionals are taking steps to ensure they are passed down. Combining a Living Legacy Will™ Record with your legal will, ensures you have planned for all your assets, including the intangibles.