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Old man in wheelchair sitting alone staring out at garden.

Why We Need to Make Time for Connection

Romy Terkel, Jun 2020

…connection is the reason we are here — “it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” And yet, we are the most disconnected population ever! We have this relentless intimacy with the digital world…

4 Tips to Help Write the Life Stories of a Loved One with Memory Loss

Romy Terkel, Sept 2020

…When people we love experience memory loss, it’s natural to focus on what they can no longer do, but it’s important to remember that there are often things they still can do.  For people with Alzheimer’s disease…

Gentlman looking at photos
Woman wearing pearls and looking backward.

When is the Right Time to Write a Life Story?

Romy Terkel, Oct 2020

…One of the reasons many people never write their life story is because they worry the process will be difficult — that they have no idea how to go about documenting their experiences. But the main reason…