Our work

We would like to give you a sense of what it’s like to work with us.

Preserving the True Voice

Important stories rarely come out in a straight line.  As we assemble a story, we choose words which bring it to life while retaining a person’s unique way of speaking. It’s a joy to read a story and be able to hear your loved one talking.

As you read, imagine…

…a kindly 72-year-old French Morrocan grandmother sharing her love story.  You can almost hear her speaking.

I wasn’t allowed to meet Jacques, or to go out with my friends, even just around the neighbourhood. It wasn’t like today, when teenagers disappear for hours. Just to go around the neighbourhood or to school, I was all the time chaperoned by my sister, Amélie, who was younger than me. She was told by the family never to leave me alone. 

Although I didn’t have my freedom, I found ways to see Jacques. He lived very close to me. From my balcony, I could see him across the street, through a little window in his building. I used to stand up in my balcony and talk to him when my mother will not see me. And I was addicted to that balcony just to see him!

I used to write letters to Jacques and throw them from my balcony. He also throw the letters to me. I don’t know he had the patience to write on those little pieces of paper each time. He keep all those letters in a notebook; we still have it. For me, Jacques was my idol. He was something very, very special: a first love.

Little girl listening to vintage radio

Listening is a Skill

(and a pleasure)

Romy’s greatest passion is spending time with people and hearing their stories in detail. But, being a Personal Biographer requires more than enthusiasm; it requires formal active listening skills. Two Master’s Degrees in psychology laid the foundation for Romy’s active listening skills, which she has polished over decades of experience.

Sharing meaningful stories can be wonderfully cathartic and validating when witnessed by a trained listener who makes the process easy. Romy always asks questions at the right time to ensure you’re not interrupted, and the rich tapestry of each story flows effortlessly.

Looking back at their experience, our past clients invariably share fond memories of spending time with Romy.  Please have a look at our testimonials page to hear their feedback.

Design Expertise

Glasses sitting on book in out of focus picture.

Legible Text

We produce our books using a larger font to ensure that, as it becomes harder to see, your Legacy Book will remain easy to read and share.

Cleverly designed page layout with stripe.

Visually Engaging Design

Each uniquely designed page contains engaging visual elements that help bring your story to life and reflect the essence of who you are.

Book layout showing picture of soldier, family and recipe card.

Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

Pictures are expertly interwoven throughout your story in order to connect readers to your captured moments.

Page layout showing two documents with explanatory text.

Documents Preserved

Each meaningful document you’ve saved is carefully scanned and incorporated into your book, creating a more powerful presentation of your legacy.

Cover Design

Typically designed late in the process, each cover features themes that emerge from people’s stories and photos.

Hardcover book on top of gold trimmed box with ribbon.

Bindery and Packaging

Every full colour, hardcover book we produce is professionally bound and gorgeously packaged for all to enjoy.